Monday, June 27, 2011

Smelling like a daisy...?

My "driveway" garden had developed a stench so repugnant to me that I had begun to have paranoid delusions that someone was tossing their dog waste into the bed. At first, I thought the neighborhood cat was at it again, but when I finally had had enough and was preparing to dig through the bed, it hit me that 1) I was being ridiculous and 2) there was something else at work. I immediately googled "daisies stink" and found the culprit.
The shasta daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum) was only 2% of the "real shady" seed mix I planted here, but it is doing really well. After deadheading, the smell immediately went away!
I actually like the bed looking more neat, so perhaps I will donate the offending plant to a local pollinator garden and replace it with something I can tolerate walking my bike past! Or, maybe I can deal with deadheading the daisy a lot more than I was. I hated to cut them considering the amount of pollinators they were attracting. I am just relieved that smell is gone for now...replaced by the smell of mulch mountain (coming soon).

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