Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Mr. Bird and other pest news

If you are going to taste my first ripe tomato of the season, could you at least eat the whole thing?
Maybe this is the work of a squirrel or my main nemesis, the vole(s). The birds get plenty of raspberries though--this reflective tape affects them nil.
They are getting pretty bold with the blueberries, which are under nets. And I made the mistake of planting the blackberry ON the fence, so they can just come through the other side to snack if I drape a net on it. I think there will be enough to share.
Speaking of voles, I have not noticed a lot of damage--I think because they have so much to eat in the compost pile. And they would be here whether I had a compost pile or not, being safely ensconced beneath the garden shed. However, I have noticed digging around my newest plantings (the native plants for some reason, not the dozens of other perennials). I am trying cayenne to see how that works:
A gruesome fate befell a vole who was sniffing around the blueberries yesterday. I found its head! Yes, its head. I'll spare you a photo of that, but yay for hawks and sometimes cats, like these two (one is hiding in the catnip):
Yesterday I saw a hawk flying overhead with something much larger than a vole--probably a dove. I do worry about Vincent though. He's not hurting anything, just munching on clover as usual.
Finally, the mosquitoes are as bad as ever. Last evening I was reminded to look before swatting though, when I spotted this cute green guy, perhaps a long-legged fly?

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