Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Post-Vacation Update

I guess 10 days away from the garden in late May only ended up costing me a few quarts of strawberries (not that that isn't sad!). I didn't miss much else. For my last update, the other bed of beans and nightshades is coming along. This one mimics its twin bed, but it has cherry tomatoes, two eggplants instead of two basil, plus a purple basil and a sweet pepper.
I can't remember if I planted lima beans in this bed, and black eyed peas in the other bed, or vice versa. Either way, I'll know soon.
I'm thrilled with how healthy the seed-grown eggplant looks, especially since it was protected from flea beetles in its early days by row cover.
I've even had a few orange cherry tomatoes already, but the bummer is I can't just eat them off the vine because the robins hang out on top of my tomato tower, leaving some undesirable fertilizer on the plants. I'm no germaphobe, but that calls for a good washing.

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