Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lilac love

Spring is springing

I have an army of radishes that I have been painstakingly transplanting so none go to waste.

The fava beans are doing great!

The cauliflower started spreading out--not a big tight head, but I'll get to eat it. If we have a cool spring, I have lots of new seedlings.

The asparagus bed is doing fine--no harvest until next year at the earliest though. I need to take some major weed action against an ornamental grass coming under the fence.

Berries to come

I think I will need about 10 more blueberry bushes--I may just landscape the back fence with them. (I have one other smaller one.)
The thornless blackberry vine looks like it will do just fine though, if I can keep the birds off. Time to go bird net shopping before it blooms.

Lettuce of many colors

We are enjoying our salads. Only the really red ruffly one gets bitter.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Winter Survivors

I don't have the succession planting thing quite mastered yet, but what I planted last August/September fared well in the greenhouse over the winter. The lone cauliflower that thrived is now heading. I'm seeing cabbage moths flutter across the lawn, but no damage yet.

The lettuce and parsnips are doing great. I pulled one beet, but is was not very large or round--I juiced it with a pineapple (needed some spring cleaning myself). It is so nice to have a jump start while waiting for the new plantings.

Meet Betty

Here is the new tree in all her lemony fragrant glory--surprised to get so many blooms this year. Here is a close-up:

Processing the Apple Tree

Apple tree before
Apple tree after (We await chain saw volunteers so we'll have fire wood next winter).