Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good timing

While I was excited to go to Basque country, I was a little miffed that all of my strawberries were ripening just as I left. That was a nice perk for the watering neighbor, but disappointing for my first strawberry harvest. Plus, the blueberries were doing much better than the handful from my first year and I thought I'd miss those too. Not to worry, as time was on my side. My neighbor says he is "sick of strawberries" and I've already had over a quart since getting home!
The blueberries are just now ripening. Still planning on reworking this bed so I can plant more.
Just for kicks, I picked some serviceberries (I'm leaving most for the catbirds and robins, who both adore them). They lack the oomph of a blueberry, but they are nice--and pretty hanging on the tree.
Now I have some raspberries and a mammoth harvest of blackberries to come. I heart berries!

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