Monday, June 6, 2011


With some plants, it takes a while to get gratification, like with this foxglove, a biennial. Probably worth the wait, but the constant critic in me would like a more vibrant shade of pink.
Patience is such a huge part of gardening, and not a trait I have in abundance. So, I wait for the peas to fill out, for the tomatoes to ripen, for the eggplant and peppers to form, for the beans and okra and squash and cucumbers and scallions to grow. I wait for the berries to ripen. I wait for the cilantro and parsley to finish blooming--while I do enjoy the many pollinators and beneficial insects they are drawing to the garden--so I can harvest their seed and rip them out to make room for heat lovers. I wait to regain my strength so I can continue digging and expand my beds. I wait for my wallet to replenish so I can buy more plants. I wait.

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