Monday, October 1, 2012

Food Posts and Grilled Cheese Goodness

I don't do much food blogging, even though I regularly make good use of my garden's bounty and think of little else but cooking and eating. Aside from time, the main reason is the photography aspect. I have trouble enough getting a decent shot outside in bright natural light, of flowers--and food photography is a whole different beast. But I would be remiss if I did not share the deliciousness of my lunch Saturday, a grilled cheese with havarti, apricot jam, and arugula. It was inspired by this recent Design Sponge post featuring grilled cheese sandwiches with jams and fruit (courtesy Ashley English) as well as the mild fall weather tempering the bite of the arugula that has self-seeded all over my garden. Another favorite blog, Glutton for Life, features a sandwich that is making me redouble my efforts to find concord grapes. I found a similar sandwich to my own at Love and Olive Oil, so you can head over there for a real recipe and mouth watering image. I find myself happy about fall--something I could not muster knowing winter is coming, if not for the fall vegetables.
Artsy arugula not taken by me, but my bro

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