Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seedlings Taking Shape--Winter Garden!

My bed of many Asian greens is coming along nicely. Time to thin these seedlings!

I have a labeled diagram in my notebook, but this is an assortment of red and green komatsuna, tat soi, pak choi, Tokyo behana,  red and green Chinese broccoli, and yukina savoy.

Also in progress, kale transplants I purchased, safely ensconced under row cover until threat of cabbage moth is past:
Something was still munching the Brussels sprouts (slugs?), so the bed got a dusting of diatomaceous earth (DE).

Something is also awry in the spinach bed, so the newly purchased seedlings have a cover also, and need some DE stat in case it's slugs.

Time to give up on the okra and hope these turnip seedlings thrive.

We're flush with lettuce, with rows of radish, carrot, and some reseeded pak choi in between.
I'm so excited about these purple fava beans!

I detest cold weather, but cold season gardening helps a little!


  1. I thinned my seedlings over the weekend. I'm always afraid to do it because when I thin them, that's inevitably when something comes and eats the remaining seedling. Sad! Your garden is looking great though!

  2. I know--I hate for anything to go to waste. Maybe I can transplant some...