Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Flora 2

It is a constant challenge to incorporate all-season interest into the garden. The part of my garden with the most fall color is the native plant shade garden, where Hydrangea and Itea provide the most color. The serviceberry tree cannot be called "Autumn Brilliance" this fall since it has been afflicted with cedar-hawthorne rust, and what leaves are left are hardly brilliant. The anemone is brilliant green for now, the Heuchera "Autumn Bride" is going strong, and soon the Clethra will turn yellow. Then all that will be left are the dried Hydrangea flowers and the red twigs of the dogwood. The Itea will probably hang on for most of the winter as well.

The Hydrangea leaves look almost metallic.
 In the rear perennial border, Blueberries provide the most color--if not much in the way of fruit!

Happy fall!

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