Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something will eat rhubarb leaves!

So, I thought rhubarb was not particularly attractive to insect pests? The cabbage worm that I caught snacking on this one apparently did not get the memo.
I won't get to harvest until next year, though the farmer I bought this two-year plant from said maybe this fall. Unfortunately, last year's plants succumbed to the hot dry summer and my ill-prepared bed.
Be sure to check out A Way to Garden's Spring Fling for rhubarb recipes and growing tips. I'm hoping to make some jam and definitely Martha's raspberry-rhubarb galette.


  1. I've seen a small amount of damage to the leaves on mine, but most has come from hail storms as of late...

  2. Rhubarb leaves are poisinous so this IS surprising!