Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plant Death and Renewal

Japanese maple, ripIt happens, and at least this Japanese Maple was purchased on clearance. It lived through snowmageddon and an awful summer, then something went wrong over its second winter. It is mostly sad because it was one of the first "big" plant purchases we made for DinkyDo. A Spirea "Neon Flash" is taking its place, giving us some much needed early spring color, along with the Dianthus of course.
Another goner was the Gardenia--it was clear it was just not going to thrive--though it also survived a winter of three feet of snow, and then came back from a wet spring after all hope was lost. The moisture problem in this spot was not able to be solved by me. The yew next to it was looking pretty rough, so I moved over some of the expanding Nandina from the other side of the house. The heather was doing nicely, so I added a couple more--failing to bring my tag, I picked them randomly at the garden center.

Now I need one more plant to fill a space on the front corner (maybe a ninebark), and a couple more Spirea for balance and some color on the other side ... and more Dianthus and Sedum, and then I am really truly finished with the front yard.

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