Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Berry Sneaky

Soon after I put the first net on the blueberries, I had to extricate an entangled robin. I made sure to pull the net taught and secure it after that. You would think after all the worms I have made available for those robins they would cut me some slack with the berries.
I've got to remember where I bought these nets, as those above are nearly transparent, but this one is thick and ugly. This morning I managed to scare off some squirrels before they could do any damage, but I think they were actually digging for something else. The service berry is full of berries, and I already caught a squirrel breaking off a snack of unripe(!) berries. I'll have little chance of eating any of these.
Fruit is a pain, so it's a good thing it is so pretty considering the precious little I'll get to eat without making it Fort Knox.

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