Thursday, May 5, 2011

Berry Patrol

Could these strawberries be any more pretty? There is a row longer than 6 ft! I have to enjoy their looks now because soon they will be covered in black netting to keep the birds out. Many berries already forming! That's flowering asparagus poking up on the left.
The other three blueberries have a good amount of fruit, but I planted this one in partial shade--it looks so lush and healthy, but nary a berry!
Eventually I'd like to transform the bed along my back fence (where the other three blueberries are located) into a row of blueberries and move the perennials there forward, forming a much wider bed. You can see here how dinky the bed is, but digging up that grass is hard work!
The blackberry has gone beyond my wildest expectations, and the raspberry (next to a just-blooming native honeysuckle) is off to a good start.

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