Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Square Foot Skeptics

As you will shortly learn, I am not much for meticulous preparation--I prefer to learn by doing. I've read lots of gardening books over the years and dabbled in gardening, but when a yard finally came into my possession in April, I jumped right in. I did not test the soil, I dug the grass out (just me and a shovel, and Mr. Do too), placed two 3x6 cedar raised beds, and filled them with topsoil and compost. There was no time to waste with the spring planting season underway. Luckily we've had constant rain and cool weather to delay things.
Since then, I've been planting seeds and transplants--and rearranging them. Much of my research has supported intensive plant spacing--and I mostly followed a diagram showing me how much I could plant per square foot. But now these tomatoes are really taking off, so I moved all of my perennial herbs to a new permanent bed. And soon, the radishes and carrots will be gone, so the tomatoes will have more space. Are you "square foot gardening"? How have you spaced your plants?

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