Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plant supports

The flimsy tomato cages I found upon moving in had to go, so I carefully pulled them off
(only losing a few cherry tomatoes in the process), for the greater good of tall sturdy tomato towers. They are v-shaped, so provide easier access when it's time to eat. I am still a little worried a fierce storm could topple them since they are planted in my fluffy raised bed soil, but they seem sturdy enough. They also give the tomatoes a lot of breathing room (top photo). I pruned a little for more air circulation and tied them with twine in a few places to ensure they really grab on.
I am also using shorter version of these towers (you can see where I accidentally ordered two colors, so the bottoms are red and the tops green) to support my peppers (bottom right of photo at left), tomatillos, lima beans (bush) , and eggplant.
In my second bed, I have a later addition, a black zebra tomato I had to have (left). That one is my experiment, as it is growing on a curved pole. It'll be interesting to see how it does. It struggled a bit, and a second one I purchased died, but it seems to be doing well now.

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