Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Plant Death

The Dinkydo came with a little bit of landscaping, with some plants in better shape than others. None would have been my ideal choice, but I like the front yard to be low maintenance, and I certainly wasn't looking to replace the existing healthy plantings, some of which have nice all-season color. But this holly and these two cypresses were not doing well, and the spring rains did not do anything to help.
We finally had them evaluated at the garden center. They aren't coming back, and it could have been a sun issue (though I think there is enough sun there now, reportedly there was a tree removed next door that could have contributed), or it could have been a water issue--too much or not enough, who knows. The ones at the other end of the house are doing fine, and they seem to get less water, so I am thinking maybe the downspout drowned the roots of the trio, who were weakened by shade from the old tree for years. Still a mystery though. We removed them, which is always sad, but we planted lots of new things in their place--coming next post.

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