Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Berries for the birds

We ate our first blueberries this week. A variety called "Duke" that I purchased from Whole Foods that already had green berries. I'm going to plant another, because although I've read that duke will continue to produce, another variety nearby will ensure cross-pollination and even more fruit. For the birds. I guess I should have thrown up a net before they started ripening, as the birds are now pecking away with impunity. I was worried more about the rabbit (below) and the squirrels, who I am trying to bribe with seed, but it seems my beloved robins are my competition for my favorite fruit. Next year I will try a net, but I've heard once the fruit is ripe this is pointless. I don't want to scare off the birds with a big fake owl (does that ever work?), but a few trinkets hung around the bush may scare off the offenders. CDs look incredibly tacky, so I'll have to search for some shiny things.
Trouble with wildlife? You Grow Girl has some great tips.

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