Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring's Promise

Gardening at this time of year consists of walking around and staring at the ground looking for growth. I'll spare you the shots of dirt and tiny seedlings and bulb growth, but I will share these exciting developments.

The overwintered favas are blooming! I love the black-and-white spotted flowers even if I get paltry harvests.

I got a tad excited when I spotted the first asparagus shoot, hence the wacky photo. I ate one serving last spring, and I'm really hoping that this year I'll get my first real harvest (these were planted in 2009).

The strawberries are looking good, the black raspberry has some healthy buds, but I'm worried about the blueberries. If I ever want more than a few handfuls of blueberries, I've got to get to work. The blackberry is doing great and we'll again get at least a few pounds--if I can just find a bird exclusion device that will not entangle birds!
Bulbs are beginning to emerge, but only the tete-a-tete mini daffodils are blooming so far. If the weather cooperates this weekend, I'll spread compost throughout the flower and vegetable gardens. Next week, I've scheduled a mulch delivery--gardening season is coming!


  1. I envy your early spring. Here in Chicago the ground is still frozen. The only fruit I grow is some wild blackberries and blueberries in containers (our soil is too alkaline).