Monday, March 19, 2012

My Own Ramp Patch!!!

On a whim, last spring I planted the roots (with a bit of bulb attached) of some ramps I bought at the farmers' market, and lo and behold, they grew! I was scouring the native plant garden for my blood root, which also popped up last week, and I spotted two onion-looking shoots. I know which weeds grow in my garden pretty well, and this is the heavily mulched area where I planted the ramps, so when I smelled the oniony-smell, I was thrilled. Since ramps are pretty expensive, as well as possibly threatened due to over-harvesting, this is a most welcome surprise! There are only two, so I'll let them do their thing this year and hope they spread. I'll also plant more since it worked the first time.

dude, ramps!
 blood root (Sanguinaria canadensis)
I love the lobed leaves as much as the pretty flowers.

The native Anemone canadensis has also sprouted, but no signs of the Solomon's seal or black cohosh yet. Despite the crazy heat wave we're having, this is a shaded area so probably a cooler micro-climate. I'm spotting new growth every day, so I hope so see them soon.

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  1. I love perennial veggies. I think our area is too cold for ramps, and it makes me sad...