Friday, July 23, 2010


It take a good deal of time and toil to make a garden, as well as planning. I think I've made some good choices for a foundation, and we'll slowly fill in as time and budget allows.
For the shady side of the yard, native red-twig dogwood and oak-leaved Hydrangea.

I really should have placed this Hydrangea in a more shady spot, but I misjudged, and you can see the scald on the leaves. It seems to be establishing itself, so I will just plant something big to block the Sun--maybe a beauty berry.Here is the mystery Viburnum, doing a nice job of blocking the compost pile.
This lime Hydrangea suffered when the apple tree fell on it after snowmageddon, but it is coming back nicely.

Our exciting newbie, the dwarf pomegranate. Not likely to get much fruit, but a nice homage to our favorite place to travel, the Mediterranean.

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