Thursday, July 15, 2010

Irregular watering

When my tomatoes were not producing enough, I thought it was the heat but read and heard that maybe I was watering too much. Then just now I look up what causes cracking and it says irregular watering--we just got a ton of rain after a drought. So what is the solution?
Some of them seem to be getting too big and cracking, but the unripe one I picked and let ripen inside tasted great. These are rose and brandywine.
At least I can count on the cherry tomatoes.
Last summer, the problem was cucumbers--and my irregular watering resulted in some horribly bitter cukes. Here are the first ones of the season:
I think that curvature means this one is not getting watered properly--which is going to continue to be a problem in the bed along the fence, which has lots of clay and is not luxurious like the soil in the raised bed. Or, maybe it was just the 100 degree heat. Hoping for no more hooked cucumbers.

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