Thursday, July 5, 2012

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Oy vey, another 100+ day.
I am one of the lucky ones--power restored after three days.
The only losses in the garden were some cone flowers and a sunflower that was on a wing and a prayer anyway. My squash trellis help up quite well, but the bean trellis toppled--luckily, the beans had not started growing up the twine and were not ripped out.
The only painful thing were the fridge losses--I hate waste of any kind, so I could not look as Mr. Do tossed everything. In addition to frozen fava beans, peas, and strawberries from the garden that turned to mush, I tossed some canned things as well--preserved lemons, pickled turnip, and the worst of all, my just-opened jar of concord grape jam!
Here's hoping all of those suffering have a/c soon!

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