Monday, July 16, 2012

Blackberry Bust

My crazy blackberry wrap (bird netting, row cover, clothespins, and shiny tape) was a massive FAIL. Something was still able to devour them all. (Not fair, since I left plenty uncovered.) See my paltry serving below. Somehow last year I was able to harvest 2-3 pounds and make blackberry butter. I guess the birds were just more greedy this year.
Now that the vine has spread like crazy, and I'm working with three main floricanes, I think I can do better next year with targeted pruning and netting on a more confined scale. No more ten foot laterals trained to he fence, just foot-and-a-half tidy shoots with big luscious berries. I hope, anyway.
I had nine, and they were delicious.
As a bonus, the plant has migrated away from the vegetable bed that I planted it behind. Though it is now moving toward my flower garden and into a lilac bush, for now it is in a much more manageable place.

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