Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waiting for seeds to grow

The seeds are planted. I get anxious waiting--will they germinate? Will they get damping off? I sprinkle cinnamon on the top just in case it helps, but it also smells nice. Once these germinate, the table will be folded out and a grow light added to the setup.
My broccoli and cauliflower are from Botanical Interests. Both are recommended for fall in my area, but I keep trying in spring. The kale is from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Cabbage worms have decimated my kale in the past--I will be trying row cover this time.
The eggplant and Tunisian baklouti peppers are from Baker Creek. They both did super last year, and this year I am trying a heat mat to speed germination. I typically only need a couple of eggplants, so once I run out of this seed, I'll return to buying seedlings from the farmers' market, where I can get varieties I like--like this listada di gandia heirloom. I also did not see much difference in the productivity of seed-grown plants versus transplants. The peppers, on the other hand, are great all-purpose peppers as well as being authentic for Harissa, one of my favorite condiments.

I prefer direct sowing, but to get the most out of the season, get practice, and choose unique varieties, seed starting inside has to done.

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