Monday, August 29, 2011

Native Plant Progress

The native shade garden has had some challenges--dog vomit fungus in the mulch, infiltrating ivy, slugs and rabbits munching away--but overall I'm happy with the results and planning to expand it.
In this photo the compost pile I plonked down in the middle of the bed is strategically blocked by a pot of lemongrass. It's a temporary location. as once fall comes I am moving the large oa- leaved hydrangea at the far right (it gets too much sun). I'll have to do some rearranging and hope to get one or two new trees in here. And more Itea, I definitely need more of that wonder shrub. After maligning the Clethra for its early spring appearance, I grew to love its fragrance and long lasting, bee attracting blooms.After struggling all summer, the Anemone is taking off:I'm looking forward to a carpet of its white blooms next spring.

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