Monday, August 29, 2011

Curb Appeal

It's been a long time since we visited the front yard. Not too much to report, but things are filling in nicely. That was the plan, to plant and basically forget it--and hopefully take some attention off the state of the lawn. (The front yard is small, close to the street, and not used, but I want it to look nice of course.) After some initial experiments I've found what I like, and now I just need to keep repeating it.
This captures the color scheme of pink and pops of orange, with gray green leaves and the burgundy of a Dahlia and Sedum. I like chartreuse foliage, too. I think these colors complement our brick.
I am waiting for fall to transplant some of the Sedum and Dianthus, which will need dividing soon anyway. This is economical and will bring some much-needed color to the other side of the house, here in front of this Spirea. A holly sits to the left and a Hibiscus to the right (it will soon die back for winter). I planted a northern seas oats at the backto match the one on the other end of the house and to fill a space.
I also need to extend some color over to this area around the blue shag pine. To its left, I transplanted some Nandina which has not quite taken off yet. The Heather in front of the Nandina offers some winter color.
When the Dahlias dies back for winter, I'll reassess what holes need filling.
My next major project will be to dig up this Liriope, which I detest. I've been whining about it forever, but it will happen soon!On the side of the house, the Japanese Anemone is blooming, the Camelias will soon, and the Hydrangea dries to a nice shade.
Not pictured are the Heuchera and Hellebore, two champs for shade. The hellebore still has its flowers that opened in spring! Three Astilbe that have not bloomed will be moved. I am also hoping to establish some lily of the valley back here. Two Japanese Andromeda have recovered nicely after being moved from a too-sunny spot. I've considered widening these plantings, especially since I planted them under the eaves and created a water problem, but there is the slight complication of a gas line buried here. I sometimes wonder why I even bothered with planting all of this, after all, the only time I enjoy it is when I make my "rounds" around the yard, but it was good practice--and I hope neighbors enjoy it as they walk by.

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