Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pruning Fail

I neglected to research before I started pruning the Chaemycyparis (false cypress) that was threatening to block the sidewalk, and I made a hole. One that will never grow back. So, time to remove what was a very poorly placed shrub anyway. Who has time to finely trim a shrub so that it does not get too large? Bad job, landscaping center who shall not be named. I hate all of your old fashioned and ill conceived design choices. Why did you plant a holly tree two feet from the house? I think thorns along a sidewalk must be bad feng shui at the very least. Do not get me started on the Liriope!
I have to admit I changed my mind about the Nandina. I actually looked up how to prune it, and now it looks fabulous.
Now on to the business of choosing a new plant more suited to the space. The other plants there are Yew and this annual hibiscus thing that people seem to get a kick out of.

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