Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Curb Appeal

I haven't done a curb appeal post in a while, because well, there has not been much curb appeal this summer! Luckily we had the fresh paint and storm door to distract passerby, because my plantings suffered in the 100 degree heat and scarce rain. I had to cut the poor Pieris way back. Then all of a sudden, the little bed regrouped. The Dahlias and Sedum started blooming. The Dianthus maintained all summer. We added "inland" sea oats and rearranged some things a bit. The finale was me finally getting around to edging the bed and ripping out the grass that was infiltrating--which only took one day when I put my mind (and body) to it. I even like the color scheme I have going--some chartreuse and gold in the foliage and pink and orange flowers. I never wear pink, but in flowers it is hard to go wrong.

Sedum--look closely at the leaves and you can see where finches eat them!
I need more Dianthus around the Japanese maple, or maybe some creeping Phlox.

Along the side of the house. I have a shade garden, behind the Viburnum are two fall-blooming Camelias and a Hydrangea, which is drying beautifully. I am trying a Japanese Anemone, which I will photograph if it blooms. My soil has too much clay for it to thrive, but it is doing okay so far. If I can make it work with a raised bed and lots of compost, I will be planting lots more. The Heuchera back there does well, as does the lone Hellebore. I may have killed the Astilbe, which is sad since it bloomed so well.

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