Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day Harvest

In addition to this paltry cup of black eyed peas I stored in fall--all the rabbits let me have and soon to be consumed as Hoppin' Johns--we're eating fresh-picked kale (collards were planted too late, and green is green, y'all). I also plucked several leeks and cut some lettuce and parsley. I'm most excited about the assortment of Asian greens that will go in a noodle soup later this week--flowers and all. The tat soi seems to be prone to bolting, so it was a good opportunity to thin, but the pak choy and the rest are doing great in their greenhouses, with just a few pak choy and Chinese broccoli bolting. Photos to come when the Sun deigns to show its face and temps rise above 35!

Happy 2013!


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