Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Off to Other Ortos

With the help of a generous neighbor who waters my garden for all the berries and lettuce he can eat, I am able to take two vacations per year and leave the garden work behind. This time: Italy! I was not able to get any great shots of ortos this time around, but I like looking to the home gardens so common overseas for inspiration. I noticed lots of fava beans, onions, artichokes, and impossibly beautiful potato plants. I paid special attention to the trellises like the bamboo ones seen here. Most gardens are not as grand as the one at this villa that I overlooked for five days (I'd struggle to pay attention to weeding with a sea view like this), but all are impressive.
Italians of course appreciate the value of fresh homegrown seasonal produce. A pasta with fava beans and an antipasto of raw sliced artichoke were two of the highlights. While I was missing my own strawberries, I was eating some of the best I have ever had (from the Roero region).
On a related note, I so admire Michelle Obama's efforts on encouraging vegetable gardening. Hear her speak about the new book about the White House garden on NPR here.

I of course also saw (and drank) a lot of this:
La dolce vita, indeed.

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