Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting the Timing Right

I never get my fall seeds in the ground on time, but this year has been even worse because of, well... life, and  uncooperative weather. Slugs and other critters may also be taking their toll, with all of this rain and the straw mulch I was thinking was a good idea just a few months ago.
Luckily, I did manage to get a bumper crop of radishes planted. There are carrots, turnips, and beets in here too, at least I hope there are! (again, spotty germination, or ???) I'll take a closer look this weekend and see if I can distinguish any beets or turnips among those radishes.
I have some peas and fava beans that are doing okay, but it is far from the lush fall garden I hoped for, but when I am still picking tomatoes and okra and the black eyed peas are still producing, what more can you hope for? I'll have to leave a bed empty next summer--a real challenge.
I'll get my winter greens planted this weekend, but they will mostly be seedlings purchased from the farmers' market and not grown from seed. This winter, I am trying a new green, mache--inspired by the Eliot Coleman four season gardening books. I want to be less reliant on my plastic greenhouse covers and just see what happens. That's the great thing about gardening--you can always start over.

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