Monday, July 18, 2011

Just an Update

It was one of those busy summer weekends, when I did lots of little mundane things, like continue to move plants in the expanded border, thin and transplant summer squash, and edge around the vegetable beds.
Speaking of which, I need a long-term plan for these paths. Mowing it is a drag--well not so much the mowing (since I don't do it) as the edging. I hate to lose any amount of clover though--it is like crack for bees and rabbits, keeping the latter out of my food plants. It is soft to work on, and low maintenance otherwise--versus digging up any more sod and covering the ground somehow.
This eggplant got a little bigger. I ate it.
It is that brief time of year when the day lilies look good.
Their days are numbered. After I get a light meter and determine just how many hours this spot gets, it'll be mine. The shed will get new windows one day (maybe even french or sliding glass doors), so it's going to be edibles or easily transplanted herbs here for now. It is a mucky area that gets waterlogged (in addition to hiding voles), so it needs amendment. The day lilies will go to the curb and get snapped up.
I have entirely too many cherry tomatoes (not a bad problem)--and just enough slicers. Next year, canning tomatoes!
My main project was beginning to take down the finished blackberry vines (floricanes) so I can tame and train the new ones (primocanes, which will be floricanes next year) The fence-as-trellis was not working, but I thank my neighbor for his tolerance. I have wood and wire, and a loosely constructed plan for a trellis.
I only wish the weekend were longer.


  1. Hi! I have been following your blog this summer thanks to the recommendation from my aunt, who works with you. I live in Vermont and am always envious of how far ahead your vegetables are down south (I grew up in Virginia). I am especially envious of your cherry tomatoes - mine are just starting to grow tomatoes. Last year, we had tons of them and I got addicted to this recipe on smitten kitchen -

    I made tons of them and stuck them in glass jars in the freezer. They stayed nice and soft and are such a treat throughout the rest of the year on things like pizza, in omelets, and anything else you can think of.

    Thanks for sharing all of your garden inspiration!

    -Carolyn Frisa

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    I missed your comment so I wanted to say hi and thanks for the tomato suggestion--we are drowning in them! I really need to look for the tag to find out the variety of red cherries, but the sungolds have been prolific this year too.
    I imagine it is pretty different in Vermont, but I hope the bug problems are minimized at least.