Friday, July 29, 2011

Grubby and yay, humingbird!

This week I had a garden-related nightmare. I discovered a groundhog-sized grub churning in the soil of a raised bed. And if that alone was not bad enough, before I had to tackle the unpleasant task of killing it, it morphed into a human-sized grub and started chasing me. I have apparently spent too much time digging lately.
However, all that digging resulted in the completion (ha!) of the perennial garden expansion. The Agastache and Monarda were not even in the ground before the hummingbird showed up. I got to watch her from about three feet away--pretty exhilarating distance to watch a hummingbird. She's making multiple visits daily, also visiting the honeysuckle and stopping to rest in the mulberry tree and on the apple sprout. I love her. Given my photography skills, you'll have to settle for a pic of her favorite food, but I did manage to catch the goldfinch in action on my white swan cone flower--I never deadhead them all just so I can see that.
hummingbird favorite, Agastache (anise hyssop)
the goldfinch is a little easier to capture:
happy birding!

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