Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Flowers

This time of year is usually more about the flowers that aren't in my garden--the cherry blossoms, Japanese Magnolias, and various bulbs all over DC, but this year I've added some of my own early bloomers to the show.bleeding heart
The daffodils that I so unfairly maligned in a previous post have increased in variety and are super fragrant.
Fritillaria! (If you have clay soil, plant these--F. ulva vulpis--and not the "snakeshead" variety, F. meleagris, none of which came up for me. F. acmopetala is also doing fine.)
Magnolia "Betty" with a sporadic bloom that is increasing day by day
The new serviceberry knocked it out of the park. It is such a relief that spring is finally here!

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  1. Beautiful!! You're so far along.. we still have crocus!! :)