Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Fresh

The first harvest from the winter garden was radishes and delicious spinach, which we ate raw with a caper and raisin pasta. I did not thin the radishes too much, but they are still producing well enough.
There are many more radishes waiting to be plucked from the greenhouse, along with slowly growing mesclun mix and carrots.
We've got dill, parsley, and cilantro to get through the winter, plus tons of arugula--if you have not had fresh arugula, you have not had it!
The fava beans looked pretty sad this morning when I opened the greenhouse flap. They might only function as a cover crop.
The mystery Brassica (broccoli?, Brussels sprouts?) are doing great though.
So, I'm no Eliot Coleman, but the winter garden at the very least provides some salad and herbs. More important, it will give me a great head start in spring.

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