Monday, December 6, 2010

Hawkhead returns

I am thinking this is the same Cooper's Hawk that I saw eat a morning dove last year. You can see it has grown and its coloring has changed. It flies over the yard from time to time, and I often hear a ruckus in the neighbors' trees--after the birds all scatter.
Yesterday, I almost had a perfect view of it when it landed in a small tree mere feet from me. Too bad I moved before I realized it was the hawk, and it flew to this oak tree perch. It stayed a while, and I felt bad that I might be disrupting meal time after a squirrel made it all the way across the top of the fence without becoming a meal. The birds that visit my feeder are under constant threat, as (more happily) are the voles. Cornell says I can take down the feeder for a few days, but I figure the birds understand the threats to their existence. Nature's way and all.

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