Saturday, October 23, 2010

At Your Service

The last landscaping project for the season is along our backyard fence, where this open spot looking out onto the street was driving us bonkers. (We are lucky to have nothing but trees as our view above the other two sides of the fence.) This spot is adjacent to our patio, so privacy is important, and we also just want something to look at.
The first objective was to get something large to fill that space and then build around it. I wanted something native this time--it had to tolerate the huge black walnut tree door, as well as afternoon shade, and feeding the birds was a bonus. The winner was Serviceberry "Autumn Brilliance," as I am obsessed with fall color these days. Its distant companions along the fence are red-twig Dogwood and oak-leaf Hydrangea. (I've been working on this area bit by bit, but with a plan in mind). More to come soon, including the disappearance of the wood pile--and all of that English ivy the tree service buried in mulch while I wasn't looking!

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