Monday, July 8, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm trying to be vigilant about watering in the morning this summer, so I dutifully set out Saturday before breakfast or caffeine. I saw something had dug a good bit in the bed I have left partially empty (waiting for long season fall crops like Brussels sprouts and parsnips to be seeded)--likely a fox given the size of the dirt pile and the pile of poop left atop it. When I pulled up the torn asunder eggplant to see if it could be salvaged, I found myself pulling on a bunny foot instead. Rude awakening!
After my freakout, I went straight to the internet, where I discovered something new about foxes: if food is plentiful, they will bury it, called a cache. So now where I had a bunny problem I have a fox problem, as any empty bed of soft fluffy soil is fair game for digging.
We buried the bunny outside the garden, where we hoped the returning fox would find his midnight snack. Not so, however; the fox returned to the garden to dig twice, but did not discover the relocated cache. I do hate that the meal has gone to waste.
Unfortunately for the bunny we had named "Pocket," I had gotten what I wanted last week, another wild animal took care of my wild animal problem for me. What I really wanted was to not be privy to the act. The problem is my complicated and silly ideas about animals, which means I felt both relieved and guilty. I will miss watching the little bunny munch on weeds, but I had a large level of stress about his destruction of my garden. No matter, another bunny has already taken his place. I don't think I'll name this one.
So, not the greatest way to start off a Saturday.
R.I.P., Pocket

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  1. You could send your fox over our way, if you like. There are some bunnies I could introduce him to.