Thursday, June 13, 2013

Giving up on cucumbers, for now

After four years battling cucumber beetles and the disease they spread, I am taking a break from growing cucumbers. I can get perfect thin-skinned cukes as well as picklers at my farmers' market--they apparently have little trouble growing them. I need to focus on growing what does well in my garden, but I am not entirely abandoning cucumber-like fruit. This year I am trying Mexican sour gherkins, Melothria scabra
They are tiny--can you spot them? 
I was getting worried, but from reading reviews I learned that they start small, but really take off once a few true leaves form. If they do well, I imagine they will make a perfect garnish for Pimm's cups!

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  1. I gave up on growing cukes last year after a frustrating season. As you say, you can get good ones at the farmer's market. Judy like to make pickles, and while you can get more cukes than you would eat, I would never get enough to make a batch of pickles.