Friday, June 22, 2012

Trials and Tribulations

Pests and pestilence, that's a big part of gardening. But heartbreaking nonetheless, or should I say heart-busting, as the first victim I spotted yesterday was my Euonymus americanus (hearts-a-bustin').
I did not think much of the two broken branches as the squirrels often run around like they are insane. Then I came to the scene of a much worse crime--wholesale plant murder!
The sweet shrub that I had tended for a year, chopped off just as it began to thrive. And the culprit did not even eat anything! Though both stems lack the angles cut I see on other rabbit favorites, I am guessing this is the work of rabbits. I am hoping it is not the mice that I have always ignored. I see no bark gnawing or other tell-tale mouse signs. Disgust is the only appropriate feeling, and then I feel stupid. It's not like my livelihood or life depends on this, but I still lay awake fuming this morning.

Plus, in addition to all of other things I usually need to worry about tomatoes, the heat is causing my tomato blosoms to drop:

The cucumber beetles have arrived. (This guy was smooshed right after this photo was taken.)
And worst of all, my service berry has cedar-hawthorne rust, so neither bird nor human is enjoying the fruit this year.
I think I saw a squash bug the other day (it got away), but for now at least the delicata squash is doing great!
As gratifying as gardening is, it is not without its challenges, and it never ends. Even a gardenranter is sharing her troubles today--after 20 years of gardening!


  1. I'm hoping my tomatoes do well in the heat, I've been watering with a soaker hose under mulch 2-3 nights a week but we'll see. I'm starting to get yellow spots on the leaves of my German Johnson, and I'm not sure what it's from. Hopefully it's nothing bad!

  2. I'm definitely there with you. We have Japanese beetles right now, half my berries have disappeared, and I'm just waiting for the blight to hit my tomatoes.