Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chunkin' Pumpkin

I thought this bumpy pumpkin might be tasty, especially after I hacked it open and saw that thick flesh. It smelled great, too, but after baking it, I found it flavorless. Of course, sitting on my front stoop for weeks probably did it no favors.
In my attempt to identify it, the closest I could find was the "victor/ red warty thing," but this could be a hybrid. It now resides in the compost pile, where the squirrels aren't even going for it. I'll stick to Hubbard, Kuri squash (my new fave) butternut, and "verified" eating varieties--like the candy roasters I grew--from now on.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

winter garden

After a pleasantly warm early winter, we finally had cold enough temps that it was time to get out the hard freeze protection. My original three beds have plastic greenhouses (, and I'm trying row cover for the rest--testing out just how cold hardy collards and a few other things are. The row cover is tied on in such a way that I can slide it up and down.
One day, I hope to build some super-sturdy wood and plexiglass cold frames so I can avoid unzipping and unwrapping in the morning (and vice versa in the evening). Inside, I have collards, lettuce, arugula, mâché, spinach, radishes, turnips, parsley, cilantro, leeks, scallions, beans, and other perennial herbs. In the coming weeks, I'll show you how they are faring, and how much I am harvesting.

Grass was not working anymore, so I am seeking suggestions for path mulch--this straw won't be the permanent choice. Bark from the county is probably the most economical.

Time to drain the rain barrel too. Winter gardening is not so fun, but I sure do like having fresh greens.