Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking a Little Wilty

Last night was the coldest night we've had so far, but all of these wilty greens will bounce back on this sunny day. I'll have to break out the row cover and plastic greenhouse soon.
Thoughts to consider: What happens when radishes get too big?

The lettuce and these arugula seedlings (I think) took the frost like a champ.
 Spinach and larger arugula also doing fine, other than squirrel disruption:

 The collard seedlings seem to thrive on the cold:
 The fava beans don't look so hot:
The radishes were not well planned. These will be fine, but I imagine many of them are getting too large and need to be pickled or eaten in quantity.
I planted tat soi here, but I am wondering if the package was mislabeled. I don't recall tat soi having wavy leaves?
I can't believe winter has barely begun.

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