Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More blooming, sprouting, and fruiting

The blackberries and raspberries, which started blooming in May, are now fruiting.

Even better, this summer won't be like last (cool and rainy), so the tomatoes and peppers are already in bloom.

And the new addition to my garden repertoire, fava, has three beans on it! If all 6 plants produce at least a few beans, I'll have one whopping serving of favas. I'll try these in fall next time, as they do not like the heat.
The cucumbers have sprouted, and will soon be reaching their trellis. Last year they grew in the luxury of the raised beds (in compost and purchased top soil). This year, for space reasons I am growing them along the fence in amended soil--so time to start learning more about my soil. If I keep them watered regularly, they should do better than last year.
Finally, the fennel is blowing up--I think these may need to be harvested.

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