Monday, May 17, 2010

Ready for Summer

I chose the same tomato varieties as last year: 2 rose, 2 gold cherry, and 1 black; two eggplant varieties, and three peppers: 1 red bell, 1 yellow bull horn and 1 red bull horn.
In the largest bed, I have staggered the tomatoes, so they have more room than it appears from this angle. Two peppers flank the front, lettuce throughout, and fava beans in the back (They like cool weather, so won't be around for long).
The next bed holds cauliflower, carrots, radishes, plus a pepper and the two eggplants. The radishes go quickly, so they'll be out of the way before the cauliflower gets mature.
Cucumber seeds are now planted on the fence, where the bags sit in this photo:
Next month, okra and lima bean seeds go in, replacing whatever is harvested or fails in the heat.

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