Saturday, August 1, 2009


Aside from work, the main reason for the lack of posts is that the garden is in a static state right now, just waiting and picking. We've got all the herbs we need. The tomatoes are amazing--like candy. Definitely the biggest success of the garden. And the birds seem to be letting me have them since I have been picking them before full ripeness.
Here's an overview of the rest of the crops:
The mesclun harvest ended with the heat, but the cool summer gave us a long season.
The lone eggplant is coming along, and I think it will have companions soon.

The peppers are finally taking off with the heat too.

The tomatillos are still a question mark--the question being, will I even get enough for a batch of enchilada sauce? They take up a lot of space after all, but they are a really neat plant.

Biggest surprise, the lima beans are finally taking off. They said bush beans on the package, but these are really benefitting from something to climb.

Stay tuned, I'll be creating another raised bed soon, complete with cold frame for the fall/winter garden we're planning.

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